Quilted Walker Bag for Walkers or Wheelchair Arms (teal)

The Quilted Walker Bag is stylishly designed gift for Grandma. It has two pockets, each with a Velcro tab closure. For extra stability, the pockets "stick" together with Velcro. Keep your phone, tissues and other personal items close to you using...

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BigMouth Inc 60th Birthday Silver Tiara

This 60th Birthday Tiara is a celebratory way to commemorate your friend or family member hitting that monumental 60th birthday! Who says tiaras are only for prom queens and sweet sixteens? Now, even at 60, you can make her feel like a princess on...

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Radiant After 70: Adding Sparkle and Spirit to Life

Aches and pains, frequent doctor visits, and prescription medication don't have to define your seventh decade. In Radiant After 70, Shirley Mitchell reminds all seventy-somethings that they have the power to live well. In each of us, there is a...

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On Women Turning 70: Honoring the Voices of Wisdom

On Women Turning 70 is a celebration-of success, love, relationships, self-of life. Its sixteen intimate portraits of women in their seventies are a testament to women everywhere that life can and must be lived to its fullest. The artists, ...

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Bluw Racing Grannies

Just wind up our Racing Grannies and watch them go. Whether racing to the buffet table or chasing after a younger man, these venerable vixens really know how to move. Not necessarily the prettiest pair of sagging seniors, the Racing Grannies are...

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Dare to Live: Devotions for Those Over The Hill, Not Under It! (Volume 1)

Dare to Live: Devotions for Those Over The Hill, Not Under It! is a jolt of spiritual inspiration, a quick boost for your soul. Rediscover God's grace, hope, and power for living-regardless of your place or age in life. In Dare to Live 87-year-old...

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Collections Etc Fleece Wrap Sweater Black

Super-soft, cozy fleece wrap is the perfect way to warm your shoulders on a chilly day. Featuring two large front pockets, it makes a cozy wrap for TV time, too! Hand wash. Polyester; imported. 66"L x 20"W. Colors available in Burgundy, Winter...

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Personal Safety Alarm for Women/Joggers/Elderly Security key chains Panic device Protection Product Gadget Saves your Loved One's Life

When neglecting to protect yourself could be life threatening. Discreet, elegant, personal safety alarm that actually "screams" for your safety. In a threatening situation, simply pull the chain to activate an ear-piercing alarm or scream-like yell,...

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Premium Solid Color Pashmina Shawl Wrap Stole Scarf - Black

This elegant shawl/wrap is a great addition to your collection of fashion accessories. High quality & versatile. Silky smooth feel and vibrant color. Can be worn year-round as a shawl, wrap, or a scarf. Great for evening wear and social events, but...

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Modadorn Basic Solid Winter Black Ruana Fringe

This makes an excellent gift for women on any occasion and a must have of this season. This makes an excellent. gift for women on any occasion and a must have of this season. Make every outfit look luxurious for the cold weather.one size : 24"X59"...

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5 in 1 Multi Kitchen Tool - Bottle & Jar Opener, Screw Off Top & Pull Tab Assist for Prying Lids Off Without Straining Your Hands - Premium Kitchenware Gadgets by Mo+m Kitchen

"MOMMA...I'M HUNGRY" You see your little one's pouty face and you just want to soothe him but you just can't get the jar of jelly open. You try the grip pad but it just won't budge. Any chance he would settle for just peanut butter? SAVE YOUR...

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What's So Funny About Getting Old

One bonus of getting older is that it gives us a great perspective on life ...and that includes plenty of humor! This collection of cartoons, quips, quotes, and insights introduces a new comedy genre: elderhumor. It captures the wry hilarity of our...

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