Eat, sleep, and be healthy?The Grad’s Guide to Healthy Living is filled with advice from current college students and written just for you. Discover how to make good choices, avoid risky behavior, and stay on track as you care for your body...

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This survival guide to college explores topics like dating smart, finding friendships, adapting to different personalities, and making the most of your...

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Hundreds of thousands of teens and young adults graduate from high school each Spring all over the globe. This life stage is a huge step forward toward college or the working world. High school graduate, James Morrell, a recent graduate himself...

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Proverbs for GraduatesGreat...

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Graduation is a big day, but for many, it can also be a day filled with questions and uncertainty. From his best-selling book The Seven Secrets, John Hagee gives graduates seven keys for success that can be applied to everyday living. He provides...

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For Such a Time As This (Gift Book with Companion Cd): Graduating Into a Life of Faith, Purpose and...

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You've finally arrived. Senior year is one of the most exciting times in life. A time to reflect on the past, live in the moment, and anticipate what's next. A moment where you stand on the brink of unlimited possibilities. And with the future...

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The perfect gift for high school graduates, also available on the iPhone as an...

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Life: The Final Exam. You've graduated from high school. Now what? There are so many uncertainties and unanswered questions about college, jobs, friends, dating, money, moving out of the house the list is endless. One minute you're cramming for...

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What if there was a personal guide that would prepare graduating seniors for their college experience? Now, there is one.Rachel Cruze is excited to introduce The Graduate s Survival Guide. No incoming college freshman should leave home without this...

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The #1 Girls' Guide to CollegeWhat to know a secret about life in college?Everyone―from the social butterfly in freshman orientation to the top student in Bio 101―feels a little unsure about the college experience. And that's completely...

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A values-based guide to navigating that critical first year of college that speaks to college students in their own language and offers practical tools that readers need to keep from drinking, sleeping or skipping their way out of college. There...

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