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Small black seeds from the Vaccaria plant are secured on the ear with a piece of adhesive tape over specific acupuncture points. The seeds stimulate the point by exerting mild pressure. Auriculotherapy with ear seeds or with acupuncture has been...

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The 50 million Americans who suffer from insomnia need - and want - this answer now.There is no "one size fits all" solution to insomnia because, as this revolutionary book illustrates, there are three types that affect those who suffer from it:...

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Counting sheep is so 20th century. Today's restless mind has an overload of images that makes it so hard to slip into a natural, deep sleep. Hyland's Sleep is a traditional homeopathic formula that blankets your mind with relief from stress and...

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Forget expensive mattresses, fancy foam pillows, and white noise machines. There's no better treatment for insomnia than cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Research has shown that CBT works even better than powerful sleep medications, and with this...

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Made With Natural Ingredients That Are Non-Habit Forming, LUNA Relaxes You & Keeps You Asleep So You Wake Up Feeling Refreshed LUNA is made with natural and scientifically backed ingredients which gently ease you to sleep at night time, without any...

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The Effortless Sleep Method is the approach insomniacs all over the world have been waiting for. This hugely effective method offers a simple and permanent solution for long-term and new insomniacs alike. The Effortless Sleep Method gives you...

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The bestselling guide to curing insomnia without drugs by "a pioneer" of the field, now updated with the latest research (The Wall Street Journal)For the past ten years, sleep-deprived Americans have found natural, drug-free relief from insomnia...

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Finally-Enjoy Deep, Delicious Sleep Nightly and Wake Up Feeling Rested! Do you toss and turn all night long, only to wake up in the morning feeling like you've just been hit by a truck? Do you find it difficult to "shut off" your brain at...

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A unique Dog Tag Necklace is the perfect gift for you, a relative, or friend Includes beaded chain necklace Image appears on both sidesOur jewelry is manufactured in the USA, using recyclable materialsA unique Dog Tag Necklace is the perfect gift...

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Women's Daniel Ricciardo Insomniac T Shirt Will Take Surprise To You And Your Friends & Family.100% Pre-shrunk Cotton, Easy...

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The perfect gift for your favorite beer loving insomniac!Everyone knows the song. Here’s the complete text from 10,000 bottles on down until the last bottle falls.Ten thousand bottles of beer on the wall, ten thousand bottles of beer, one fell...

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